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I made a short game as part of the CHAIN GAME happening over on You can follow the progress of the chain here. Mine is EPISODE 4.

Tomorrow is the National Boards Portfolio submission deadline, which is the big non-game thing I have been working on in my other life as a teacher. Will post some VERSNOOF and BANANA CHALICE updates soon.

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nostalgia for march 6 2013

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.07.02 PM

It’s good for me to see every once in awhile the smallest seed of an idea. Lots of projects feel Very Big right now.

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sad garden rot garden 2015 garden collectiom


So I’ve been feeling this incredible inertia for awhile and part of it is that All Of My Time and Emotional Reserves go to teaching but also there is the problem I believe of having all these old games that I started In Fun and Good Spirits once upon a weekend but have since sprawled out of their berms and wandered across the path and now they are poking into other games that I have a more comprehensive Love and Dedication to / for. SOLUTION :::: I am going to just take everything that I have made that I am tired of but still somehow I am fond of it and I will put it into a Microsoft Bob environment somehow so that you can play it or look at it or steal it and I can be free. Necessary components:

– picture of my crying face growing a garden
– drawing of my apartment with markers and multiple perspectives so you can sit at my desk
– spoken commentary where I trace the faint outlines of my grandiose dreams
– a song

I am excited!!!

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Oh just a little something I threw together.

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GP TURNIP asked me about this and maybe you’d like to spell things in all capital letters and you don’t need numbers? Here’s the font I use in FJORDS and FJOREVER:


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this and that, 2014 ig


I started typing this into my phone on the ferry three weeks ago because apparently I require long stretches of useless time to accomplish Computer Tasks. Tif and I moved back to Seattle in June last year, which finally removed our horrendous boat commute from our lives, so now it’s a Very Occasional Treat, which is good because when it was a Regular Fixture it was devouring both of us, it ceased to be a useful way to collect energies and create things a long time ago.


2014 was beautiful and horrendous and petty and discouraging and full of marvels. Our daughter is growing up and she is excited about everything and I am excited about everything, the world is frequently gigantic and terrible, making videogames is the silliest possible venture, play is unreasonably silly and the answer to everything.


I played a lot of videogames last year! I also didn’t play very many videogames. I play videogames in huge blobs of time that spread out in the cracks between deadlines and benchmark assessments and progress monitoring intervals and presentations and videogames festivals. I’ve written festivals even though I’ve only ever gone to one, and that is Fantastic Arcade and it was lovely this year. Here are things that I played and can remember playing in the only way that I remember playing videogames which is seeing the room that has been built around the videogame and who is in the room:



Tif and I lived in Port Orchard last school year and our commute was Fine at first and maybe Cute but then it because Ghastly and Enervating, and right at the end before we moved back to Seattle we realized we hadn’t done anything fun at home in A Long Time and we hooked up the Dreamcast and threw on another comforter and played Puzzle Fighter until we fell asleep every night for a week. The Dreamcast is a good console to have perched precariously on the edge of your bed and maybe you accidentally kick it off the edge in your sleep one night but it is good to have some good vibes as you wait for the logistic hell you live in to be over.






Before That Party at GDC, I worked for a few weeks on getting FJOREVER into a playable state, and I did, and then I worked on BANANA CHALICE for Fantastic Arcade, and then summer was over and Fantastic Arcade was over and I didn’t want to make anything ever again. I spent a month or two with the bugs and mushrooms and leaves and scales and teeth of Monster Hunter, making fancy hats and skirts and leggings and knocking majestic beasts to pieces. I never want to make a game like Monster Hunter, but Monster Hunter helped me enjoy games again.



Desert Golfing is my lack of discipline and short attention span and exactly the same as VESPER.5 and it is something that has completely passed me by but I still come back to sometimes and I wish for a more ardent devotion but I don’t have it so I am trying to be content with where I am. I’m on hole 556 and here is a picture of the moment right before I moved on to that hole.



I spent years Not Playing Minecraft and instead listening to children talk about playing Minecraft the way I used to play Every Videogame when I was younger which is to say I turned all the cheats on if there were any cheats and I systematically ruined every surprise they might have had for me, so I mean, I understand why kids give themselves diamond palaces and giant mountains of TNT and that is Totally A Great And Valid Way To Play Minecraft Even Though I Used The Word Ruined Up There Sorry. Tiffany expressed a curiosity about Minecraft last month and we started playing together (she’d never ever played it), suddenly we are exploring caves and meadows together and building houses and that is totally a different and amazing thing.



I keep thinking about JOB LOZENGE, and thinking about the gentle Peace Parade at the end, and the perfect length, and the bent tree, and the relief of nighttime, JOB LOZENGE feels small enough to carry around in a pocket and I love every little object in this little game it’s great.



This game is just so fun and I play it a lot! It’s a fun game about all the Nintendos having a sleepover with some animes and they have a pillow fight and Sonic is there.

Last year at this time I did droqen’s VARIETY MEGA JAM and tried to make 9 games in 10 days, and I actually made GERM PARTY and DATING SIM and had So Many Ideas and I still like a lot of them so, I’m not going to make anything New for awhile. Here’s an ordered list of my priorities instead:


1. VERSNOOF. Ian Snyder and I have been working on making this into a 3D migraine nightmare party. Ian has succeeded in making a beautiful triangle visions and curvy walls and 3D sound and I have bounced a bunch of textures off it and made some crude voxel plants so,


2. FJOREVER. I recently brought FJOREVER into gamemaker 8.1 and it is not broken! I’ve had a lot of time to think about how everything works together and what is needed to make a Two Player FJORDS and I’m excited to write more about it soon.


3. BANANA CHALICE. Since I had to make a stable version for Fantastic Arcade, BANANA has just sat at 75% finished for awhile. I have a lot of fun secret bonus zomes to add to it and some new songs, that’s all. It’s basically where FJORDS was for most of 2013. That’s why it is at number 3.

I’m going to write another thing about FJOREVER in a few days, let’s do this, 2015!!!!


(FJORDS is in the EMP right now if you’re ever in Seattle)

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dog eating homework in space


work continues on DOG EATING HOMEWORK IN SPACE. art and design by kids, code by me.

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how to use computers to make games, a potential zine

So, in my Other Life, I am a second grade teacher. Lately there’s been a lot of Talk about STEM in schools, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, which has grown out of the relatively terrible job we (teachers) do of making these fields seem interesting to all but a very narrow set of children. So, considering Talk, and The Direction We Are All Going, and my own Interests, and’s Hour of Code initiative, I thought it was a good year to try to teach my children to make games.

It went well. We used trial versions of Game Maker 8, installed onto district laptops, and we met once a week for about an hour before school. We totally overreached in all possible ways. We didn’t finish anything. Students planned grandiose cosmos-spanning games, and then smashed against syntax errors and limited student file permissions and evidence-that-these-computers-have-been-frequently-used-by-over-700-students and they made flashing squares move across their screens. They drew hundreds of beautiful frames on sticky notes that turned into hundreds of pictures of sticky notes on my phone and then tens of .pngs that were occasionally used to replace the flashing squares. It was a mess; it was wonderful.

Something I frequently promised toward the end of the school year was that I would distribute a list of programs we used and friendly instructions for how to use them. I am putting some links here as the very first step to doing this, eventually, because I am usually a horrid liar and a forgetfulness and I want to be able to hand someone a “don’t worry if you know nothing about computers, here is how to get in there and make something” guide. With pictures! Of me. And my giant triangle nose, so I need to start making a small part of it real, otherwise all my spare moments will go to tweaking the rotation rate on a flying banana and the school year will arrive and Nothing Will Ever Be Made.


TWINE TWINE. TWINE. A wonderful way to make a Choose Your Own Adventure sort of game very quickly. Absolutely lovely. Even if you don’t think you want to make a text-based game, just try it, it is so fun.

DEREK YU’S GAME MAKER FOR BEGINNERS SERIES : this was incredibly helpful for me as I started to use Game Maker. It’s written for Game Maker 7, but most of the things (all of the things?) will still work in 8. HERE ARE OLD VERSIONS OF GAME MAKER. They make them kind of hard to find from the main page, because they want you to use STUDIO which I don’t particularly enjoy. Game Maker allows you to Drag and Drop different things onto different objects and those objects will then Do Stuff. It also allows you to write weird code in its weird code language.

USING FLASHPUNK WITH FLASHDEVELOP : I’ve made a few games with FlashPunk and I like it. I’ve gone back to using Game Maker for now just because it allows me to do more with sound and file systems (that was important for FJORDS) and because I am more comfortable in it, but there is an immediacy to a Game In A Browser that is super nice.

MAKE WEIRD STUFF IN UNITY : 3D was super scary to me for a long time, but this is a great tutorial. I’ve only made a few half-finished things in Unity but there’s nothing quite like Plonking A Bunch Of Cubes Into A Scene and then being able to WALK AROUND THEM. You can even make them SPIN without too much effort. SPINNING CUBES. Just try this one.

SCRATCH : I haven’t messed around much with Scratch but I have a few students who have gone on to learn a lot about it and it’s cool how it’s all Right There In Your Browser, and much friendlier to just Dragging Things Around and also Dropping Them than Game Maker. Try this and STENCYL if you want to drag and drop and don’t want to spend a lot of time wondering why the code you wrote is Making Errors (because something somewhere isn’t capitalized consistently??? PROGRAMMING : ((( ).

That’s it for now; I also have a long list of Auxillary Programs that I use to make music, sound, pictures, etc., but I will make another post for those.

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Still working on BANANA CHALICE.

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Trying to make a bunch of little games this month for’s SERIES pageant. First is called BANANA CHALICE. Play as bananacat flying through tunnel in witch house. My first “real” 3D game. Progress gif:


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