Hey! FJORDS won the WTF award at A MAZE! It was up against some incredible games and I am very surprised and happy about this. The very next day, the last undiscovered ending to the game was witnessed by Ian Snyder, Alex May, and Cam Lewis. Congratulations to them, delightful confluence of triumph.


I’ve started working on VERSNOOF again, and I’m happy to find that I don’t hate it. The time away has been good; I can see what needs to be done and I have the energy to do it. Before, I kept getting stuck on vestigial ideas from the First Idea, the Grand Vision I had for the game before I actually started making it; as one of my oldest Dream Projects, there were two paths I was trying to make it walk down at once:

1. A glowy mashup of SINISTAR and HUNT THE WUMPUS,
2. Diablo in the Pacific Northwest, Heavy-Handed Narrative Version

As of right now, I don’t intend to put any talking in VERSNOOF whatsoever. There is a story to it, but I think I’m going to let it burble up through the cracks of the game and I won’t consciously try to let the player know about it.

It is interesting making two Very Arcadey games after making FJORDS; both FJOREVER and VERSNOOF are all bout that action. I find myself worrying more about Controls and Balance and all that, and it’s a little bit scary! Because I’m trying harder, and trying harder is always scary because then you don’t get to just walk away with a w/e and a That’s Just The Way That I Am Baby. And then there is the sound:

photo 1


The sound for FJOREVER has been really fun, because it’s more of the same Pretending To Make A Videogame On A Casio SK-1 stuff I did for FJORDS. I’m really happy with the sounds the blocks make as they pop in and out of phase, a nice combination of musical notes and lip-smacking sounds. Fun stuff! VERSNOOF is so so so so much harder. I’ve decided to keep using the DS (mainly because I don’t have another condenser mic and I do really like the fidelity I get out of the DS mic most of the time), but I’m trying to get some less human sounds and preventing every recording from dissolving into bitcrushed CHAOS is very difficult. I’m embracing it a little bit – there is a nice SINISTAR quality to overdriven samples – but it’s taking me much longer to find a good audio footprint for each of the cave’s entities.

That’s another thing: I’m trying to make VERSNOOF a game that will reward caution, and also make SEEING very dangerous, which means LISTENING has to carry a lot of information to the player. So everything needs to feel distinct, but I still want some panic and claustrophobia, so yeah. It’s been a challenge. I’m excited about it, though, and eager to post some more progress soon.

(slime death sound)

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ferry tether bomb magic


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I really like this new icon I made.

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My piece for the upcoming POKEZINE, curated by JORDAN ROSENBERG and IASMIN OMAR ATA. It’s `v, a RED / BLUE glitch. It has the most evolutions of any Pokémon and crashes the game whenever its front sprite is seen! ‘v!!!!!!!

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DATING SIM is here! Enjoy a dating with a new friend, DATING SIM.

Games are taking obviously way longer to make than 2 hours, but I am making them faster than I normally do, so I’m going to keep going. Next is BANANA CHALICE.




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I made a game called GERM PARTY; it’s available over on the GAMES page, or from this link: GERM PARTY

It’s about luring your germ friends into a glowing chalice so that you can put Fire on everything! ::::Happy party times::::

GERM PARTY is the first of nine games that I am planning to release as part of droqen’s VARIETY MEGA JAM and the remaining titles are listed below, in the order that I might work on them:

DATING SIM : a dating simulation
GERM’S ADVENTURE : very pink and black ADVENTURElike with tiny key and tiny pill
CANDLE PARTY : Horrible Beast Summoning Party Game
BLOOD PRINCESS : Macaulay has a princess wand that turns everything into BLOOD FROG
EYEBALL : Line-of-sight consciousness duel. SENTINELlike
PLAGUE LETTERS : learn to type!

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a tiny catalog of current objectives


1. FJORDS FOREVER: collapsing the Multiplicity of Traversal Possibilities into One Terrible Verb to make Sublimity Attainable in 2 Minute Time Attack Experience.

2. CASSETTE: drawing and animating Actors.

3. YAR’S FANTASTIC VOYAGE: approximating antigen horde behavior for Fun Purposes.

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So, having finished a Monstrous Project, it is nice to decompress with a series of Vignettes, I think; also, it is the Wrapping Up of Loose Ends and binding them around One or Several of the nurse logs that inhabit the decaying forest that makes all my games for me, thus:

I’ve been drawing sprites for a quick trio of games inspired by Jerry Mickle. This is the protagonist from CASSETTE.

And here is COFFEE, where I am trying really hard to ape Leon Arnott’s style.

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FJORDS has been out for three and a half weeks. I started working on FJORDS on March 6, 2013, thinking I would finish it in 2 weeks, and 265 days later it has finally revealed the glinting edges of its true monstrous form.

FJORDS was originally developed for the SHARECART1000 compilation and the first version was unremittingly (and unintentionally) hostile and irrational. It’s better now, thanks to Many Many people. It’s been awhile since I’ve finished a game like this; the last Exploring Game I made was Mulder’s Totally Bogus (Rabbit) Journey, which felt similarly Vast and Untestable. So maybe this post is to prevent me from incidentally embarking on another sprawling Game Maker adventure.

The inspiration for FJORDS is particularly nebulous; I can think of exactly when I had An Idea (in between the ferry and the bus, on the way to work, it was raining) but the idea was effectively Boats! and Sometimes You Don’t Know Where To Go, and that could have been Anything. I was maybe thinking of Startropics, but not really Startropics, but what I remember Startropics was from the one time that I played it at a friend’s house when I was sleeping over: this vast, cruel game world and you have a wide variety of tools and a series of islands that you can’t get to until you Can, and that one room! you know! You enter the door and it’s just a LAKE and you DROWN and there is NO WAY TO NOT DROWN

FJORDS is a world that has grown up around all of the impossible doors and endless stairs and irrational foyers of other videogames, places that collapse as soon as they are offscreen, unlivable places. FJORDS is also, as near as I can make it, what it felt like to run Jumpman or Beachhead on my grandmother’s Commodore 64. FJORDS is taking the ferry to work every day for two years now (it is draining me, beautifully, but inexorably) in the early early morning, before the sun rises; FJORDS is walking through Lincoln Park and thinking about Dark Souls, Corrypt, Goblet Grotto, Crypt Worlds, Problem Attic, Streamerz, l’Abbaye des Morts, Like Every Video Game I Ever Played Really.

FJORDS has sold 249 copies. It has made $2150. That continues to be amazing to me. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy, or bought a zine, or a tape; thank you to everyone who has talked or written about it. I’ve started work on FJORDS FOREVER, which exploits and mutilates many of the game objects and relationships currently present in the more obscure corners of FJORDS. My hope is that it will provide illumination for the careful SCIENCE EYE and amusement for everyone else. FJORDS FOREVER will be free.

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